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Downrange Operations and Training is committed to hiring military veterans from all branches

Our experienced staff and military veterans adapt to any situation, any environment, and any budget.

  • As a contractor you are expected to deliver a higher level of self discipline, tenacity, self-reliance and honesty.
  • A positive mental attitude and a desire for continuous improvement are necessary if you aim to successfully deliver products and services in many of the austere locations we operate in.
  • As a rule, our contracting customers expect us to do more with less – to a higher Quality Standard  – than they themselves could deliver in the same circumstances.

and Downrange delivers, time after time!

Downrange partners with Vetlign to streamline¬†veteran job search. Let’s see whether we can match the a job to your skill sets and experience level.

Please click on the Vetlign logo to see which jobs we currently have advertised and relate to your experience.

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